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Cruise and Rendezvous
Monthly our squadron hosts a C&R (Cruise and Rendezvous). These events are usually held at a water front restaurant which is accesable by boat or car. During the year we also have C&Rs which involve overnighting. These locations will include facilities for those who wish to drive rather than boat. Information on these events can be found in our monthly publication "The Tidings".
Cruise and Rendezvous Schedule for 2017

June TBA

July 3 Fishermen (North Fort Myers)

August Matanzas Restaurant (Fort Myers Beach)

September Useppa Island (Details later)

For Information on these and future events: Contact:
Nancy Chambers -
Or, consult the current edition of "The Tidings"
Special Events

D 22 C&R, 31 October - 3 November 2017 at South Seas Island Resort (See the latest edition of the Tidings)
Boaters must reserve slips through Lt Delores Bunner (Cape Coral Squadron) or (239) 438-1481. Provide: Name of Captain, Squadron, Boat name, Length and Beam, Cell phone number and Credit card information with exact name of holder and expiration date.


Executive Committee meeting 9:00am Squadron Classroom Monday September 11, 2017

Membership Meeting - Myerlee Country Club 6:00pm TBA

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