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Member Courses: We offer our members "Advanced Grade" and "Elective" courses.
Advanced Grade Courses

Five Advanced Grade courses are offered by USPS. They are designed to be taken in sequence because each builds on skills taught in the previous course.

Seamanship covers basic deck seamanship, marlinspike (knots and ropes), anchoring and rafting, basic boat care and maintenance, and nautical and USPS customs and etiquette.
Course cost: $50.00 Classes held on Wednesday evenings 7:00pm Squadron Classroom, Class starting Date TBA

Piloting is the first and most basic navigation course, covering chart reading, course plotting, and basic coastal or inland navigation, including basic GPS usage. This course goes into more detail than the charting information covered in the public courses.
Course cost: $75.00 includes "The Weekend Navigator". Course Plotter, Parallel Rules & Dividers are required. Students bring their own.
Classes held Tuesday afternoons, duration 6-8 weeks.
Class starting date January
9, 2018, 2:00pm Squadron Classroom

Advanced Piloting covers more advanced coastal navigation techniques, navigation in tides and currents, and more advanced GPS and Rader usage.
Course cost: $55.00 (Includes "The Weekend Navigator")
Course only: $40.00 Classes held Wednesday mornings 9:30am Squadron Classroom, Class starting date TBA

Junior Navigation teaches the basics of offshore navigation, including basic celestial navigation using the sun and offshore course planning.

Navigation is the most advanced navigation course taught by USPS, covering more advanced celestial navigation techniques, emergency navigation, and additional sight reduction techniques.

Elective Courses
Six Elective Courses are offered by USPS. They cover separate and independent topics and therefore may be taken in any order according to a member’s interests and time.

Engine Maintenance covers the operating principles and basic care and maintenance of outboard and inboard engines, including diesels.
This course is offered by Cape Coral Power Squadron
Course Cost: $52.00 - $25.00 deposit upon registration. Date to be announced.

Marine Electronics covers installation and maintenance of both boat electrical systems (AC and DC) and marine electronics (VHF radio, radar, GPS, etc).

Cruise Planning covers topics of interest for someone planning a cruise – whether for just a weekend or for a year – including preparation and planning, anchoring, security, chartering, and cruising outside the US.

Weather covers weather forecasting and reading weather patterns on-board.

Sail covers everything from the basic elements of how a sailboat works to sail trim, rig tuning, and sailboat racing.

Instructor Development teaches effective communication skills for not only USPS instructors but everyone, covering various methods of presenting information to others, effective use of audiovisual aids (including PowerPoint), etc. This class is scheduled for: January 12, 2015 9:30 - 11:30 there will be 6 sessions.

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Member Courses generally start in January. They meet weekly at our classroom. Class schedules will be developed to best accomadate the students

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