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Local Waters
Possible navigational problems for areas of Chart 11427
In the area around "New Pass" on the back bay channel, shoaling has been reported near marker "29"
Use caution here depths less than 3 feet at low tide are possible. The red side of the channel is prefered.
Dredging is in process here. Use caution.
When passing under "New Pass" bridge heading toward the Gulf keep to the right side. A large mound of sand is building up directly after you pass under the bridge.
The channel leading into "Buccaneer Lagoon" (Laguna Shores) has been relocated and dredged to a depth of 7 feet. It is North of the original location.
Local Chart
Big Carlos Pass: Severe shoaling has been reported. The pass is not as wide as shown on the chart. Use caution when in this area. Follow the Channel Markers carefully. There are a few humps on the bottom. Channel Markers in Big Carlos Pass have been relocated. They are not where shown on the chart. Be alert! Comming in from the Gulf Green #1 and #3 have been relocated to the south. There are now two RED markers, #2 and #4, these mark some very shoal water on your starboard side comming in from the Gulf.
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Possible navigational problems on Chart 11430
It has been reported that there is shoaling in Gordon Pass and Naples Bay
Aids to Navigation are being relocated but there are no plans to dredge these areas in the near future. Use caution when boating in these areas.
Intra Coastal Waterway near the Caloosahathee Bridge opposite Legacy Harbor Marina

There are some broken off pilings on the GREEN side of the channel near the marina. Use caution here